HiBurn8 – My Collagen Supplement Update – 2017

My Collagen Journey - Now with HiBurn8Well where has the time gone?  I can’t believe that I started this Calotren blog almost five years ago! While it was a little side project that I just felt compelled to start, I’m proud that I’ve been able to provide helpful information to numerous visitors about the benefits of collagen supplementation.

But as life’s journey continues, sometimes you have to change things up in order to keep progressing.   And in my case, especially with respect to this blog, things have changed big-time!
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Does Calotren Work? Well, That Might Depend On You…

When you are considering investing your hard earned money on a product that you hope will solve a problem, you obviously want some kind of assurance that it’s actually going to work. That’s just common sense, really. So, since I’ve got this here site about Calotren, I’m going to share with you a mixed bag of important considerations you should keep in mind before you invest in Calotren. Below, I’ll reveal to you why your level of commitment, the presence of yeast in your body, and you’re your age may play an important role in determining whether or not Calotren will work for you.

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Calotren Review – What You Need To Know Before You Buy Calotren Weight Loss

Detailed review of Calotren Weight Loss

Edit: I’ve come to realize that a part of what I believed about Calotren was, well, maybe not entirely wrong, but more like “naively incomplete”. Much of what is contained in my review below is as it should be and I am proud of it. However, I have recently edited parts of my review to be more in-line with my current state of belief and understanding as it relates to this wonderful weight loss supplement.

Before I get deep into the details, I just want to say that I believe in Calotren for weight loss. I spent a great deal of time reading up on it before I made my decision and I’m happy I did. I will share with you much of what I learned and why you actually should consider NOT listening to some of the customer reviews out there. It is obvious to me that many people who’ve tried Calotren think it should be some magic pill that will immediately melt away fat and, well,  that is just not what it is meant to do. Keep reading and I’ll reveal more details about this interesting and misunderstood product.

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Calotren Weight Loss – Combating ‘Weight Creep’ Caused by Collagen Depletion

In my social circle, which primarily includes people in their 40’s and 50’s, many of us have had to deal with a very common, and very frustrating, occurrence: weight gain as we age. It seems that, year after year, we keep putting on a few pounds and as the time goes by we end up being 10, 15, 20 pounds heavier than we were in our 30s. It’s a sad and frustrating ‘hard-and-fast rule’ about getting old, right?  Well, maybe not…

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Calotren “Diet Pills” – Surprising Benefits of Collagen Supplementation with Calotren

In my search for more information on the benefits of supplementing with a collagen product like Calotren Weight Loss, I came across the following video. Quite frankly, the information it contained really helped me. Before watching this I had no idea how important collagen was for our overall health.  It also made me realize that there is so much more to Calotren than just ‘diet pills.’ Continue reading “Calotren “Diet Pills” – Surprising Benefits of Collagen Supplementation with Calotren”

Calotren Weight Loss 411 – A Great Resource For Those Wanting to Know More About Calotren

Hello. My name is Jean and I’m very pleased you’ve found my blog.

I have to admit, I’ve never done anything like this before.

I have a background in knowledge management, which basically means I have expertise in sharing knowledge and experiences in my industry, but until now, I’ve never felt the need to put up a blog and share my opinions with the entire world.

But, you see, the funny thing is I just felt compelled to share my views related to a little weight loss product I came upon called Calotren. (Edit June 2017 – actually, times have changed and I’m on to something new click here to find out what I’m doing now or continue reading if your really want to learn about what I did 4 years ago…)

I think the Internet is a wonderful place for people to voice their opinions and views freely and openly. But sometimes this can be a frustrating thing. Public perception becomes reality so quickly now-a-days. Because the Internet is so fast, and because the truth can sometimes have a hard time shining through all the misconceptions and negative rumors out there, it may be hard to find the information you need to make an informed choice. So, this little blog of mine is my attempt to put back a little more common sense into the internet.

What I am going to do here is provide a source of information related to Calotren. I want to show you what its makers are saying about it, some of the scientific thinking behind it, what people think about it, and ultimately how I decided that it was for me.

Basically, I’m going to condense a lot of the information out there into a nice, neat package so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through what’s useful and what isn’t.

You see, Calotren Weight Loss isn’t a typical ‘weight loss pill.’ In fact, I think that as a weight loss product it would be pretty ineffective for someone younger that 40 years of age! But what’s funny is that people younger than 40 may actually benefit from some pretty powerful ‘side effects’ of Calotren supplementation. (Edit: Actually, It has been brought to my attention that I was, well, wrong about that statement… not to worry, though, because it’s really is good news! Read more here.). I’ll talk about that more in my Calotren Weight Loss review.

So, I hope you find my little blog useful. I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it so that it can be as useful to all potential users of Calotren as possible.