Calotren Review – What You Need To Know Before You Buy Calotren Weight Loss

Detailed review of Calotren Weight Loss

Edit: I’ve come to realize that a part of what I believed about Calotren was, well, maybe not entirely wrong, but more like “naively incomplete”. Much of what is contained in my review below is as it should be and I am proud of it. However, I have recently edited parts of my review to be more in-line with my current state of belief and understanding as it relates to this wonderful weight loss supplement.

Before I get deep into the details, I just want to say that I believe in Calotren for weight loss. I spent a great deal of time reading up on it before I made my decision and I’m happy I did. I will share with you much of what I learned and why you actually should consider NOT listening to some of the customer reviews out there. It is obvious to me that many people who’ve tried Calotren think it should be some magic pill that will immediately melt away fat and, well,  that is just not what it is meant to do. Keep reading and I’ll reveal more details about this interesting and misunderstood product.

My primary reason for starting this blog is that I wanted to provide a comprehensive review for others who are interested in learning more about Calotren. When I started out looking for information I was frustrated how long it took for me to find anything of real value that I could use. As it was (and as it continues to be) the quality of information available varied from okay to not very helpful at all. It made making an informed decision difficult – I mean, one site actually tried to compare Calotren to the P90X workout DVDs and an ab toning belt! Talk about apples and oranges!

Calotren Weight Loss – What is it?

I’d first heard about Calotren on the radio. I’d caught the end of one of those paid commercials Calotren Weight Loss - capsulesthat sound like an actual radio show and, I have to admit, I was intrigued. The radio show kept saying that Calotren was a product that worked naturally with the body to achieve results. So I started my research on the internet and discovered some interesting facts about this unusual supplement.

Calotren Weight Loss is a natural protein formula that helps to support your body’s lean muscle. Muscle, as you may or may not be aware, is the body’s furnace, allowing it to burn fats and carbohydrates. By helping to support your muscular system, you in turn help increase your body’s ability to burn calories.

Calotren’s formula contains no stimulants or pharmaceuticals and doesn’t trick your body or starve it to promote weight loss. It doesn’t ‘target’ body fat directly but instead gives your body the nutrients it needs to promote fat loss. What’s really interesting is that it does this while also providing some other pretty stunning health benefits as well. And because it basically contains only stuff our bodies already need, it shouldn’t interfere with any other medications or supplements you’re already taking.

Calotren Ingredients

Calotren’s primary ingredient is Collagen Hydrolysate, which is also known as hydrolized collagen. It is a highly digestible form of collagen which is a vitally important protein, mostly due to the fact that it is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Collagen’s importance is due to the fact that it contains about 20 amino acids and is used by the body virtually everywhere: skin, vascular system (arteries, veins and capillaries) muscular systems (lean muscle, connective tissues), skeletal system (bones and joints), and smooth muscle tissues (internal organs). So it isn’t hard to realize that if you can maintain a regular source of collagen, your whole body will benefit.

It’s also believed that collagen hydrolysate is known to have a very satiating effect so it’s a natural appetite control and helps to prevent binge eating and snacking.

The standard Calotren is made with bovine-sourced collagen. A marine-sourced version of Calotren is available by special order through Top Of The World Distributors.

The Problem with Collagen

I believe that the most important factor related to collagen, however, and why supplementing with Calortren is so important for someone like me (I’m in my late 40’s), is that collagen levels in our bodies drastically decrease as we age. The result is that all those parts of our bodies that rely so much on collagen just don’t work as well as we get older.

The most obvious sign of decreased amounts of collagen in the body is the loss of elasticity in our skin and firmness in our muscles. As those muscles become flabby, your body’s metabolism also decreases and you end up being less efficient at burning off those extra calories compared to when you were younger.

You see, many of us have experienced that weight ‘creep’ as we get older, where numbers on the scale just seem to go up slowly year after year. Most of us just think it’s part of aging. Well, recent research confirms that while it is part of aging, it may very well come about as a result of drastic collagen depletion that occurs with age.

Edit: Recently I’ve been made aware of a collagen depletion problem that affects many younger people. Due to our generally terrible eating habits, many of our younger people are suffering from collagen depletion. Diets lacking in key nutrients like vitamin C, which is vital in the body’s production of collagen, are to blame. We need these nutrients just as much as we need to reduce the amount of processed foods and total calories we consume on a daily basis in order to maintain a healthy body weight.

Quite simply, if we want to maintain our body’s ability to efficiently burn calories, along with eating a healthy diet and by exercising, we should try to maintain our youthful levels of collagen in our bodies.

What you need to know about Calotren

Top of the World Distributors, the makers of Calotren, insist that a proper diet and exercise regimen are followed while taking this supplement. I think that says a lot. They are not promoting Calotren as a miracle cure for obesity, they want you to consider Calotren as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Calotren Reviews - Exercise is an important component of effective weight lossTop of the World Distributors also state that, while everybody is different, it could take about 90 days for you to start to see results. The problem with many of the reviews I read is that they seem to be written by people who took Calotren for only 30 days (and sometimes they said they’d only been taking it for 2 weeks). Most reviews like that are negative, with the reviewer stating that they believe that Calotren ‘doesn’t work.’

We live in such an impetuous and impatient world. We expect that if we take a pill change should happen overnight no matter what the problem. Calotren doesn’t make this promise because it relies on natural ingredients and it isn’t full of artificial chemicals and stimulants. It’s not supposed to work overnight, or even within a few weeks. They say right on their website that they recommend you start with a 90 day supply to ensure optimum results.

In my mind, this just seems so much safer, and in the long run, more effective. After all, if something is supposed to be ‘natural’ shouldn’t it cause a natural response in your body?

If it helps, I thought I’d offer this interesting analogy: My husband had been suffering from chronic knee pain as a result of some cartilege damage he’d sustained playing football when he was young. When he asked his orthopaedic surgeon about using a glucosamine and chondrotin supplement, his doctor told him to try it for 6 months! Six months! You see? Physicians realize that certain natural supplements are just not supposed to work overnight.  If you’re going to take a natural supplement you have to think more long-term. We didn’t gain all the extra weight in a month so why should we expect to lose it that quickly?

Calotren Reviews – Real Results from Real People

Unless you’re from Austin Texas and you’re a big country music fan, you probably haven’t heard of Bama Brown. Mr. Brown is a DJ at the radio station Kase 101 FM. He also has given quite the testimonial for Calotren:

Sure, Bama Brown may have been compensated for speaking about Calotren, but his testimonial really sounded sincere to me when I first watched it.

Another radio celebrity I happened upon was “Dollar Bill” from 102.5 “The Bull” in Birmingham Alabama. He’s also provided a testimonial:


Now, not to be discriminatory or anything, but did you notice something about both these DJ’s? Maybe, something about their ages? Bama is in his early 50’s and Dollar Bill is around 60. That to me is really significant. They most certainly had been experiencing the type of drastic collagen depletion that occurs with age. After supplementing with Calotren, they experienced significant, natural weight loss. To me, that’s a great example of why Calotren may be so effective for people over the age of 40… and maybe not the best choice for people younger than that. (Edit: well, I’m not so narrow minded anymore! I’m happy to say that younger people should really consider Calotren Weight Loss as a healthy weight loss supplement… you can read more about why I’ve changed my tune here.)

Calotren Weight Loss – PROS

– only need to take it once a day
– contains no stimulants or pharmaceuticals
– provides nutrients your body actually needs
– may provide other health benefits (toning and thickening skin, joint rebuilding, arterial strengthening, increased energy, organ rebuilding, etc.)

Calotren Weight Loss – CONS

– it may take a while to see results (but it comes naturally and safely)
– may not be absorbed well if you have excessive yeast in your system (a course of probiotics may be required to deal with that first)
– no vegetarian-sourced version available
– may only be effective for people over 40 years (I don’t think that’s the case anymore…)
– price seems steep, but there is a serious discount for ordering multiple bottles.

Other Notes

Top Of The World’s return policy is reasonable.  If you have bottles of Calotren that you cannot use and that are unopened and restockable, you can return them within forty-five (45) days of purchase and receive a refund for the cost of the returned items. Keep in mind though that if you take advantage of the discounted bulk purchase options that they offer, like the “Buy Three, Get One Free” offer,  all unopened Paid Items and Free Items must be returned to qualify for a refund.

Calotren Weight Loss – Review Conclusion

Just because I recommend taking many of the negative reviews of Calotren with a grain of salt, it doesn’t mean that I think it is a foolproof product and that it will be 100% effective for everyone. Since it is a natural-sourced supplement it is naturally going to have an effect on some people more so than others. Having said that, I believe that there are many people out there who will benefit greatly from collagen supplementation using Calotren. Unfortunately, it is obvious that many of those people who attempted to give it a try just didn’t give it enough time for it to be truly effective. Furthermore, I also believe that there are many younger people who have taken Calotren without realizing how it is supposed to work: that collagen supplementation using Calotren should really only be done by older people experiencing collagen depletion.  Maybe that is something Top Of The World Distributors should look into trying to clarify (Edit: …well, they actually did clarify it to me! Read about it here!)

Ultimately, If you are holding out hope that you will be able to lose weight even as you get older, Calotren may very well be for you. Your body has been working against your weight loss efforts since your 30’s because of collagen depletion and most likely because of the poor, nutritionally deficient diet you’ve had since you were young. If you’re desperate to start shedding some of the pounds you’ve gained as a result of ‘weight creep’ over the years it could be as simple as taking a collagen supplement like Calotren Weight Loss. It is a natural and safe supplement that you shouldn’t have any concerns about using.

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